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About Fry Construction

Just as patients seek out medical specialists for their in-depth understanding of a particular field, manufacturers and medical institutions choose Fry Construction for our focused expertise in the construction of medical imaging facilities.

By focusing our core business on this highly specialized sector, we've built a broad knowledge base of the equipment specifications and construction requirements that are so important to the success of these projects. Our extensive hands-on experience, combined with our dedication to precision workmanship, gives Fry Construction clients the assurance that we understand the sophisticated demands of each and every medical imaging project.

Contact Fry Construction

Fry Construction Company
3212 Commander Drive
Carrollton, Texas 75006

tel> 972.248.9696 extension 102
toll free> 1.888.248.9696 extension 102
fax> 972.248.1627

email> bruce.fry@fryco.com